Through our Connected for Warmth programme, we are offering fully-funded air source heat pumps worth over £12,000 *subject to eligibility. Below are some reasons why you should consider making a switch to an air source heat pump

Potential energy saving

An Air Source Heat Pump could save you around 40% per year in energy usage compared with your old electric heating

Reduce Carbon Emission

Help to reduce household emissions by working towards a greener future.

Low maintenance with a long service life

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A brand-new heating system for your home

Connected for Warmth is an award-winning programme developed by Agility Eco and Affordable Warmth Solutions, it offers new air source heat pump heating systems to households that need a helping hand.

If you don’t currently have a central heating system and if your circumstances make you eligible, we may be able to fit an air source heat pump to your property, along with a new water cylinder, radiators and all the necessary pipework, valves and heating controls.

This will keep your whole house warm throughout the year and could help you lower your energy bills. You’ll also lower your carbon footprint and do your bit to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions.

*subject to eligibility

This offer is totally free for residents, and a generous subsidy is available for landlords.

The funding for Connected for Warmth comes from the Warm Homes Fund – a £150 million fund established by National Grid and administered by Affordable Warmth Solutions.

Is an Air Source Heat Pump suitable for my home?

A heat-pump system can cost less to run than a dated, electric storage heater. Heat Pumps operate by using electricity to draw in energy from the air outside into your house. Depending on operating conditions for each unit of electricity used, over 3 units of heat are delivered into your heating and hot water system. This is far more efficient that electric panel heaters or old storage heaters – all of which produce less than one unit of heat for each unit of fuel consumed. This means that your new heat pump will typically deliver savings in excess of 40% off an existing electric heating system. And by generating heat renewably you’ll be doing your bit to lower carbon emissions.

How an Air Source Heat Pump works

Looking after your heat pump

Heat pumps should have a regular annual service to keep them operating safely and effectively, just like any other heating system. The good news is that a properly installed heat pump is inherently reliable and should give you many years of low cost, low maintenance heating.

In the unlikely event that your heat pump has a problem in the first 12 months after its installation, our dedicated support team will be on hand to offer advice and arrange a callout as appropriate.

Furthermore, in order to ensure the best experience the Connected for Warmth programme will provide the first annual service free of charge. All you will need to do is contact our service provider on the freephone number or website details on your heat pump and they will arrange for an engineer to visit.

After this, as long as you continue to arrange and pay for an annual service your heat pump and central heating system will have a 7 year guarantee.


Guy M from Oxfordshire
“They are very helpful, responsive and technically competent. We are extremely pleased with the heat pump they installed and commissioned for us. It is very quiet and efficient.”

Anya from Suffolk
“To my amazement (I never really believed it would work) it heated up 250L of cold water in 50 minutes with an outside temperature of two degrees!”