High Hoe Road, Bracebridge

Affordable Warmth Solutions (AWS) once again joined forces with A1 Housing to help more than 100 residents in the High Hoe Road area have access to natural gas mains for the first time.

The area which contained a mixture of one and two bedroom bungalows used Ground Source Heat Pumps as a method of heating and hot water provision since 2002. These units were coming to the end of natural life and proved to be extremely unreliable resulting in high maintenance costs due to regular breakdowns. In some cases, residents were also spending additional funds on electric storage heaters to add additional heating to their properties.

To support the number of elderly, and in some cases vulnerable, tenants from falling further into fuel poverty A1 Housing Bassetlaw and AWS investigated the possibility of bringing gas to the properties. In January 2018, 104 tenants in Bracebridge were consulted to establish their satisfaction with their current heating provision. Of the tenants who responded, more than 80% were either very dissatisfied or dissatisfied. With £180k funding available through AWS by applying the Cadent Fuel Poor Voucher, a new gas infrastructure was agreed to be built at no cost to A1 Housing or the residents.

Andrew Steen, Heating, Mechanical and Electrical Manager for A1 Housing said:

‘‘This consultation helped to identify a clear need for a major upgrade of existing heating installations and the opportunity to apply to AWS for funding to install natural gas mains in the area. Through this funding we are pleased to offer tenants the opportunity to have natural gas fuelled central heating installed in their homes at no cost to themselves, and replace their existing heating supply, should they wish.’’

In May 2018 AWS working with T&K Gallagher Ltd commenced laying circa 900m of new low-pressure gas main with the works completed by the end of July 2018. A1 Housing have began offering the individual tenants the opportunity to have a gas fired combi boiler installed in their homes.

Customer feedback was very positive and well received with nearly all that carried out the survey providing 100% positive feedback.

’11 out of 10. Heating is BRILLIANT! I’m really really grateful. We used to sit under duvets and have oil heaters on but now we can walk around in our bikini’s!!’ Bracebridge Avenue resident

‘100% for everything!’ High Hoe Road resident

Councillor Steve Scotthorne, Cabinet Member for Housing at Bassetlaw District Council, said

‘’Ensuring that tenants have access to the most affordable heating and do not slip into Fuel poverty is a key issue for the Council and A1 Housing. We are thrilled to be able to offer tenants access to gas mains and I would like to thank Affordable Warmth Solutions for this crucial Funding.’’

Jeremy Nesbitt, Managing Director of AWS added ’’AWS has a long and positive working relationship with A1 Housing and we are delighted to be able to support the residents of Bracebridge Avenue and High Hoe Road with new gas supplies leading to the installation of new and efficient gas boilers.’