As you are aware, the deadline for bids in round two of the Warm Homes Fund is midday on 9th February. We had anticipated further detail about the future of ECO to be available by the end of 2017 but the consultation has not yet been issued. We therefore recognise a risk for bidders regarding assumptions made about what will be supported under ECO3 and at what rates.


We have therefore agreed the following approach for round two:


  • Bidders who have secured additional funding and can enter into contractual arrangements in March should submit their bid by midday on 9th February – this will be a round 2 bid and will be assessed with decisions made and communicated in late March
  • Where bidders are not in a position to submit within the current timescales, a second deadline of midday on 28th September has been established by which time it is anticipated that the future of ECO will be clearer – this will become a round 2a bid and will be assessed with decisions made and communicated in November
  • Organisations are able to submit bids for a specific category in either round 2 or round 2a, not both
  • For the avoidance of doubt, if a category 3 bid is supported by or dependant on a category 1 and/or 2 bid and the bidder would be unable to sign a contract in March, the expectation is that all bids will be submitted together in September. If the category 3 bid is standalone then it can be submitted in February
  • Category 3 bids will only be accepted from those parties who have already submitted an expression of interest
  • The evaluation criteria used will remain consistent over rounds 2 and 2a and there will be no advantage or disadvantage to early or late bids in either round
  • We envisage up to £50m being available across the whole of round 2/2a


As a consequence of the above, the bid window for round 3 will now open on 2nd January 2019 and run until midday on 8th March 2019.

To enable us to gauge likely levels of interest, it would be helpful if you could give us an indication, by the end of January, whether you plan to bid in round 2 or 2a and in what categories. What we are seeking is an indication, not a commitment.

The email address for this and any other questions which you may have relating to the above is whf@ngrid-aws.org.uk.

Date: 26 January 2018