Warm Homes Fund Update Covid-19

Warm Homes Fund – Managing Programmes

We recognise that these are unprecedented times and all of our lives and businesses are going to be impacted in the coming weeks and months.  Like you, we continue to monitor and be guided by the latest Government advice, and we also think it is appropriate to set out some general points relating to the Warm Homes Fund which can be updated as the situation evolves.  First and foremost these are your projects and you must take decisions which are consistent with government advice and any local circumstances and arrangements but, in response to some questions that we have received already and in anticipation of others that may arise our approach is as follows:

  • We acknowledge that there may be some slowdown in activity e.g. because householders are self-isolating, but if any actions are planned or taken to cease delivery for whatever reason this should be communicated to the Warm Homes Fund team without delay;
  • If installation activity slows down we would still expect activity to continue to build up the ‘order book’ so that, when circumstances change, installations can recover quickly;
  • As things stand we are not planning any extension of the Warm Homes Fund programme, therefore ALL installations will be completed at latest by the end of December 2021 or earlier in accordance with the terms of individual recipient agreements, with the programme closure to follow at the end of May 2022;
  • At the appropriate time we will consider all requests to extend individual projects, however it should be noted that our decision will be based on your historic performance and/or strong evidence that you will deliver your output targets i.e. if projects are already struggling to deliver prior to your request to extend it is unlikely that we will agree to extend the Funding Deadline, our approach will be to take action to reduce the level of funding provided and reallocate to those projects that are ‘on or above target’;
  • In respect of category 3, if you need to change your method of delivery (e.g. reducing in-home contact) we would expect to see a corresponding reduction in costs and we look forward to receiving your future Funding Use Reports and requests for funding reflecting this?

For us is business as usual and we will endeavour to maintain our response times and service levels over the coming weeks.

Stay well everybody.