Extending Criteria for Category 3 Bids

Subject: Category 3 Funding to specifically address the challenges of heating Park Homes (bid window to open immediately).

Bid Closing date: 28 June 2019

In its Fuel Poverty Strategy for England (2015) the UK Government made commitments to ensure that individuals living in Park Homes can benefit from fuel poverty schemes. In support of this strategy and to help address some of the challenges facing park homeowners, the National Grid Warm Homes Fund (WHF), is keen to engage with park owners and residents to improve energy efficiency and cut bills to individual properties, as well as increase access to energy advice and fuel poverty support.
We are encouraging interested partners to work with a Local Authority, Housing Association and/or a scheme manager to seek financial support from the WHF for the conversion of Park Homes appliances to natural gas.

Allowed Costs; the conversion or installation of new natural Gas Fired Heating Systems can include the replacement of any existing heating systems e.g. electric, oil or LPG.

Allowed, reasonable and incurred costs can also include the conversion or replacement of LPG cooking appliances (evidenced).

Essential criteria: Eligible bids must meet existing WHF criterion and be submitted by Local Authority or Housing Association, plus the following:

  • Confirmation from the relevant Gas Distribution Network Company that natural gas is, or can be made available to eligible households at ‘nil cost’ to homeowner; and
  • A new or converted natural Gas Heating System; and
  • A published Local Authority ECO Flex Eligibility Statement confirming eligibility of the Park Home Site; and
  • Supported by 3rd Party Funding e.g. Local Authority, ECO or Warm Home Discount industry initiatives; and
  • Nil contributions for eligible park homeowners; and
  • Requirement to provide tailored energy/debt advice; and
  • Individual homeowner consent for case studies to be included within Warm Home Fund evaluation; and
  • All works to be completed by 31 August 2020.

For more information contact: whf@awscic.org.uk