Renewable Heat Incentive

At the recent Round 2 roadshows a number of questions were raised in relation to Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments to private households and in particular the availability of such alongside WHF funding.

Affordable Warmth Solutions (AWS) have now received notification that Ofgem do not intend to consider WHF monies as being public funds. That being the case, we believe that applications for RHI should continue to be made to support additionality in bids to the WHF and that the recipient of the measure i.e. the householder, is able to apply for RHI funding. We would expect bidders to support householders in the RHI application process.

Whilst the final decision on individual RHI applications rests with Ofgem and there may be nuances that we have not foreseen, in most instances WHF funding should not preclude the application being successful.

  • Employing additional people to do more of the same may not be considered innovative
  • There is a lack of joined up thinking between County Councils and District and Borough Councils within the same county. A collaborative approach involving neighbouring authorities may demonstrate greater ambition and efficiencies for delivery
  • We need to understand how the proposition supports fuel poverty and what evidence you will provide to demonstrate this. Funding will be linked to demonstrable outcomes
  • Several propositions related to health referral schemes and whilst there are very worthwhile outcomes from these schemes, NHS benefits alone will not be enough to justify the use of the WHF funding
  • The emergency fund has been established exactly for that – Emergencies. It has not been established to provide blankets, thick curtains, draught proofing or installation of panel heaters

We hope that these additional notes help in developing bids which will deliver real value in addressing fuel poverty