Warm Homes Fund – Round 5 Bid Timetable

The next bid window for round 5 will open on Monday 2nd December 2019 and will run until midday on Friday 24th January 2020. Round 5 will be open to Local Authorities to bid for private sector housing schemes only in categories 1 and 2 and category 3 Park Homes bids.

**Bids are no longer invited for category 3 energy efficiency and health related solution proposals due to the time remaining in the programme**

Our ambition will be to notify successful bidders in round 5 by mid to late February 2020.

It’s anticipated that all measures installed in categories 1 and 2 and measures in category 3 Park Homes will need to be included at the latest in the Funding Use Report in February 2022 with Project Closure Reports completed and approved by 31st May 2022. The Warm Homes Fund programme will close after this date.

  • Bid submission window: Monday 2nd December 2019 – Friday 24th January 2020
  • Bid Closure: Noon on 24th January 2020
  • Bid Evaluation: (including presentations as applicable) January – February 2020
  • Recommendations to Review Committee: mid-February 2020
  • WHF Round 5 Bid Announcements: Mid to late February 2020

The email address for any questions which you may have relating to the Warm Homes Fund is: whf@awscic.org.uk