Mrs J from Middlesex contacted Connect for Help after being freezing in their home due to a problematic boiler and not being sure about how to manage their heating controls, all of which they believe was beginning to affect their health.

Our advisor explained how to effectively use their heating controls both in the daytime and in the evening and advised on the use of radiator reflector panels to help keep all the heat in the house. Our advisor also spoke to Mrs J about applying for the Priority Services Register and Warm Home Discount.

Following the call, Mrs J said they were successful with their application for Warm Home Discount and they also signed up to their supplier’s Priority Services Register. This proved very useful for them as they subsequently had a water outage at the weekend and were really impressed with the handling and communication from the Water Company now that they were on their Priority Services Register.

Mrs J said our advisor was “caring, professional and kind and couldn’t fault her” and she also said she didn’t feel like another number in the call list and after following our advice, their house now feels much warmer.