Mrs R from London struggles with sight, memory and long-term health issues and is anxious when speaking to strangers. She pays for her energy through prepayment meters and struggles to top them up herself. She was previously receiving support from the Red Cross through a volunteer helping with her weekly shop and topping up her meters, but this suddenly stopped. Her boiler also broke down and was no longer working, so she called Connect for Help.

Our advisor spoke with Mrs R and immediately referred her to the ECHO programme. We also spoke to her about contacting her energy supplier about replacing her prepayment meters with credit meters, so that she wouldn’t have to worry about topping up and could pay by direct debit. We also spoke to her about being on the Priority Services Register so that she could get large print bills as she struggles with her eyesight.

Aware that Mrs R would need support in contacting her energy supplier about her meters and the priority services register, our advisor arranged for a volunteer from her local Age UK in Croydon to assist Mrs R with this process. Mrs R was also referred to Income Max` as she wasn’t sure if she was receiving all the benefits she was entitled to.

Mrs R received her new boiler replacement and contact Connect for Help after this to say “thank you for the new boiler” and confirmed that she has spoken with Age UK Croydon and is now getting assistance from them.