Recipient Agreement & Funding Use Report


The contracting relationship between Affordable Warmth Solutions CIC and the successful applicant is governed by a Recipient Agreement which is available via the following link - click here. (currently taken down until further notice)

Please ensure that you are able to comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement before submitting the bid.  The agreement is in two parts; Schedule 1 contains funding information which includes the basis on which instalments are calculated while Schedule 2 comprises the funding conditions.  Further details about the calculation of funding instalments is included in section 5 of the guidance for bidders document.

Following the roadshows during November and December 2017, we made reference to the Funding Use Report that will be used as the means of communicating measures delivered and the  request for payment. It is also referred to in the Recipient Agreement. The Funding Use Report template is available - click here